Instructions for People Taking the Test

Maker Faire

We would like to welcome you to the Fifth annual Amateur Radio test sessions at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2019.  We are offering all the tests all day Friday Saturday and Sunday. Because of the time involved, we will stop letting people take the exam 1 hour before the Faire closes.  So 4PM Friday, 7PM Saturday and 5PM Sunday.

You do need to buy a ticket to the Maker Faire to get into the test session.

What you are expected to bring:

  • A government-issued photo ID: Driver’s license, passport, or military ID.  For children taking the test, contact us first.  For more information, consult the ARRL Valid Identification Link.
  • Your Social Security Number or Federal Registration Number (“FRN” – see link below).  To help guard your Social Security Number, we recommend obtaining your FRN – it’s easy and free.
  • Know in advance if you have any pending/active business with the FCC.  (If you are thinking too hard about this, you probably don’t.)
  • $15 cash (exact change please), or a check or money order made out to “ARRL VEC” for $15.00.  We will not be running a cash box at the testing session – so please if paying cash exact change is a must.
  • (Optional) A calculator or slide rule.  If using a calculator you must be able to show that it has all memories cleared.  (If needed, bring a cheat sheet for clearing memory especially if you’re using a graphing calculator.  Calculator apps on phones, tablets, or computers may NOT be used.
  • A blue or black ink pen (to complete the forms), and a mechanical pencil or a couple of sharpened wood pencils.
  • If you are upgrading, you must have a Signed copy of your license or CSSE we can keep. We will be unable to make copies and cannot guarantee an internet connection to validate your license.
  • Please note: We might not have the ability to accommodate special needs such as reading reading the exam to a sight-impaired person.  Please contact us if you believe you have special needs.

Helpful hints:

  • Register for your Federal Registration Number (FRN) via the FCC website at – Getting your FRN number ahead of time avoids having to share your Social Security Number, and could speed up processing of your license.
  • To make grading the exam easier: When taking the exam completely fill in the circles on the answer sheet – do not mark with an “X”.  If you need to change an answer please completely erase or make it very clear that a change was made.
  • Please do not expect us to have change for a $20, or to provide extra pencils or pens.
  • Study!  A good place to start is the ARRL Technician License study materials.
  • Make sure for upgrades you have a copy of your license or CSCE.
  • Connect with other Maker Hams.  Go to and click Check Out The Program for Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, then click “Meet The Makers”.  Browse By Topic and click “Ham Radio” – there are several Maker Ham groups at the event who will want to meet you and congratulate you on passing your test!

How it will work:

Booth location Building Fiesta Hall Wing C, LOCATION: Zone 3.  Look here Maker Faire 2019 Program .

Upon arrival at the test site everyone should please fill out all forms.  The forms are the Session Record, FCC Form 605, Certificate for Successful Completion of Examination, and test answer sheet.  We will verify all your paperwork before you start your exam.

We will then hand you your exam and you can start taking you test.  It should take less then an hour to take the exam.

When you finish, please sit quietly and wait for the Volunteer Examiners to grade your exam.  If you pass the Technician or General we will offer you the opportunity to take the next level of exam.

Excited?  So are we!  VEC_patch



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